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Oklahoma is known for the State’s vividly red earth that holds deep Native American significance. The State is known for its cowboy culture and capitol complex, which makes it one of the best destinations to spend a festive evening without your children being bored. We have unearthed different family-friendly New Year’s Eve Events in Oklahoma without putting your children aside. Since eating and partying is easy but keeping your children equally interested and happy, that’s a whole different ballgame!

Allow Global Limos to add another dimension to New Year’s Eve Spirit that helps you to experience luxury like never before. We, at Global Limos, specialize in maintaining a fleet that features only the late-model Limousines. From lantern festivals to ice skating events, check out the seven best family-friendly New Year’s Eve events in Oklahoma.

Opening Night, Oklahoma City, OK

The Opening Night Celebration is the go-to event suitable for families and friends that was started in the year 1987. One of the best events to “open’ the New Year in a style that sets the stage for a variety of entertainment, bands, family activities, local food trucks, and much more. The event starts with the festive Finale 5k race and concludes with a big bang at the midnight fireworks extravaganza.

Lantern Light Festival, Tulsa, OK

Lantern Light Festival offers a sensational evening of dazzling lights, colors, and themes. This six-week celebration provides a rare opportunity to witness the excellent skills of the world’s renowned lantern-makers. The tradition which traces back 2000 years ago, the festival is China’s most important celebration that marks the return of sunlight. These lanterns are symbolic of enlighting the future as well as the reunion of family. Join Lantern Light Festival to explore a kaleidoscope of colors in a variety of themes and structures.

Noon Year’s Eve, Tulsa, OK

A special kid-friendly event where kids have a lovely time with crafts, dancing, and playing at the museum. The countdown starts at noon where thousands of ballons are dropped from Discovery Lab’s lime-green ceiling to ring in the New Year. Enjoy music and family-oriented entertainment to fill your day with madness, revelry, and merriment. So visit Discovery Lab for an incredible beginning.

Courthouse Square Ball Drop, Pawnee, OK

Are you planning to bring out your family and friends to start the New Year 2020 with a grand celebration? Head to Courthouse Square Ball Drop in Pawnee this Near Year’ Eve. Explore the evening activities that include live entertainment, Bon-fire, and Lighted Ball Drop. Enjoy steamy hot chocolate around the bonfire or eat some black-eyed peas for good fortune. Bring your loved one and welcome the New Year with Global Limos Tulsa Oklahoma to offer the most luxurious ride to make sure that you enjoy added time together with family and friends.

Holiday Water Taxi Ride, Oklahoma City, OK

Looking to add some adventure in your New Year’s celebration? Get ready to enjoy a fun-filled float down the ornamented Brickdown canal free of charge. The holiday-themed Free Holiday Water Taxi rides are one of the lovely ways to spend the family time that begins at the main Water Taxi dock on Canal Level. Each round tour is estimated to take 30 minutes that will run on a continuous loop through Bricktown and returning to the loading dock.

Devon Ice Rink, Oklahoma City, OK

Join Devon Ice Rink for its 9th season in the Myriad Botanical Gardens in 2019. This outdoor ice skating at Downtown is one of December’s premier attractions. This event includes public skating, private parties, and other special events all winter long. Explore Chesapeake Energy’s Show Tubing at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark which is indeed December’s awesome family fun.

Race Into the New Year, Tulsa, OK

Discover the “Best” running New Years Party at 2100 S.Jackson, Tulsa. This 5K running/walking chip-timed race starts at 11.45 that signifies running from one year to the next! One Mile run is the family-oriented way to kick off the 2020 season by running into the New Year with RunnerWorld Tulsa. Explore some live music, Entertainment, Champagne to toast the memorable midnight toast and a Grand finale of fireworks. Enjoy mouth-watering cornbread, black-eyed peas, cookies, and other delicious treats. Undoubtedly a splendid way to ring in the new year surrounded by family and friends.

The Verdict

Are you wondering where to spend New Year’s Eve 2020 in Oklahoma? Well, look no further than this comprehensive list of the best family-friendly party places which will make sure to have the best time of your life. To intensify your fun, do not forget to contact Global Limos that will help to make your night fun, wild and memorable with its late-model limo fleet with various styles and sizes to choose from.

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Valentine Day Special Deal San Francisco

A1 Limousine Service San Francisco offers special on valentines day.

$55 Toward Town-Car Service for Four, or Four Hours of Limousine Service for Six from A1 Limousine (Up to 51% Off).

Professional driver chauffeurs up to six passengers around town inside the comforts of a luxury limo or a Lincoln town car.

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Prom Party Buses Sf Greater Bay Area

We would like to guide our customers in renting the party buses for San Francisco proms and other Bay Area cities like Napa, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose and others…

Every year, starting in the month of April or May, hundreds of limo companies render their services to prom kids to their respective destinations. However, the type of experience the kids receive is not always the same. We at would like to give some tips to our customers.

Many companies will hide the front of their party bus or even the exterior, because they do not want the people to see bus: due to the bus being old, very old, or their bus could be in very poor shape. If your bus looks like the image shown below, stay away from such a company. Or, avoid companies that don’t clearly show the exterior of their buses. To view quality party buses, we would like to direct you to reputed party bus builder Tiffany. We would like you to visit them, to understand that the quality party buses look strikingly different than the clunker you see below. We don’t think that you would like to have your kids or yourself ride in the abandoned bus look of the 70s, as shown below.

Another very important aspect is to ask the company if their drivers are S.P.A.B. certified to drive the school kids and if they are in a drug testing program. Many gypsy people (so called companies) can even operate without any license to save the cost, however, they are very dangerous for the safety of the customers.

Even if you do not book with out company, our staff would like to guide you through this blog to choose the right company for your kids transport this year. offer buses from 20 to 55 passengers. We will disclose the exterior as well as the interior pictures of our vehicles.

Our company also offer quality party bus service for SF and various other destinations in the Bay Area for other special occasions like the weddings, Napa-Sonoma wine tours, and any service that you might want to use our buses for. For more info visit our prom limo service page.

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Purim Celebrations San Francisco

US is a grand coalition of culture with civilizations coming together to celebrate special events and occasions. The Jewish community holds a very significant stake in the forming the overall social fabric of America and majority of the US citizens recognize their contributions in building the nation. This sense of togetherness is pretty much visible during the festivities. Purim being a very dear celebration to Jews will be celebrated with all grandeur even in 2016. With all the preparations being made, one must have prior planning about essential things like booking transport services in advance and seeking reservations from the respective community centers. People in San Francisco know the value of comfort travelling during busy days as well as festival times. Limo Services in San Francisco will be flexible and affordable, mostly preferred people travelling in groups or as a family.

How to celebrate Purim in 2016

This year, Purim falls on the 24th of March. It’s a pretty wild and energizing celebration time which is actually dedicated to celebrate the Jewish redemption from Haman in the ancient time. This narrative was taken from the Biblical story of Esther.

  • If in San Francisco, participating in the events organized by the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco would be a great idea. JCCSF is one of the oldest Jewish community centers on the West Coast.
  • Based on the choice of events you are planning attend, you may have to get ready with costumes appropriate for the event.
  • If you are not really inclined to celebrate in the Jewish fashion, you can still check out the best deals on special parties, luxury hotel bookings and fine dining at classy restaurants.

When you want to make any occasion worth remembering with friends, it really matters the way you travel to reach the venue or go around places. Hummer Limo in San Francisco is one of the most preferred options because it has spacious seating, comfortable interiors and a very royal external look. In fact, it serves as a party avenue till the time you reach the real venue to celebrate with your friends. A1 Luxury Transport is a reliable provider of Hummer and several other Limos in SF.

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Prom Celebrations San Francisco

A prom evening is much cherished by one and all. In fact, there is no real difference between the kids and the grown-ups when it comes to fun. Cities like San Francisco have long nurtured the culture of partying and celebrating important events and occasions, it is the way it is. Additionally, partying big time is a sign of relief and it’s an official stress buster. With the city gearing up for graduation day celebrations, students from many reputed schools are already busy in making necessary arrangements. In fact, there is a lot of planning that happens before they go ahead with any of the so called arrangements. Booking Party Buses in San Francisco is a standard task besides figuring out the themes and venues suitable to their choice of themes.

The relationship between Prom Celebrations and Party Buses

Questions can be asked as in why a party bus and how different it is from other options. Ironically, the answer is very simple. There is simply no other way to go about it. A 55 member party bus may be an ideal one for a class of students, but there is always a better choice. There are also party buses with capacity of 20 passengers. Mostly the prom celebrations for graduating students are overseen by the school authorities; however, students can always look out for their own special day of celebrating. It could be done in a different way with select group of friends. Travelling has always been an integral part of partying and therefore to hire party bus in San Francisco needs no excuse. It’s just a matter of simple thought passing through your mind and it’s the ball on the roll. The best thing about cities like SF is that there are quite a few reliable transport companies who can arrange for special services even with short notices. However, advance booking is always an ideal thing to do.

When it’s all set with the choice of venue and travel provider, it is important to take a call if you want to engage event organizers along with entertainers. Many times, it is fun to do things in not so formal way because nothing beats natural style. When in SF, contact providers like A1 Limos & Party Buses because they have attention to detail about many things.

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Party Buses San Francisco

It is 100% true that a Party Bus has become a new symbol of fulfilled entertainment. This can also be compared and contrasted with the demand for Party Bus Rentals in San Francisco. A sneak peek into how Party Buses have been influencing the way events and parties are planned highlight the changing scenario in the cities like San Francisco. From Prom Celebrations to Wedding Ceremonies, travelling by a Party Bus has become a new norm.

  • Students graduating from some of highly reputed schools in the city consider it a matter of pride, joy and celebration to be able to go by a Party Bus to their Prom venue. The in-built music and entertainment facilities are very impressive and the new generation Party Buses can also be decorated based on the party themes.
  • Wedding Celebrations are also about entertaining and taking care of guests apart from organizing the main event. Attending a friend’s wedding as a group of friends is a pretty normal thing. But, going together in a Party Bus with all the fun and cheerful celebrations would really make everyone happy.
  • ‘City tours and travels’ is very popular in San Francisco. It’s a city known for its monumental glory, precious landmarks and pleasant locations for spending leisure and refreshing time. People vising this great city in the recent times are more inclined to hire a Party Bus rather than travelling in routine cars and vehicles.

A Party Bus has many internalized options that make travellers feel more comfortable and relaxed. They can always choose to break into dancing and join the Karaoke. LED TVs and Dance Poles would ignite wilder spirits to freak out and join the party right from the time of boarding. Responding to the demand and growing prospects for business, many travel services providers are coming forward to offer exclusive and dedicated Party Bus Services in San Francisco. ‘A1 Limos & Party Buses’ is one of the leading providers to have expanded the scope of services in this special segment.

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San Francisco Valentines Day Limo Service

Valentine’s day is fast approaching, we all need great ideas to pamper our loved ones. No better way to impress your date than Limo Service San Francisco. Our posh limos can take you to the finest locations, restaurants, or any location in the Bay Area. If you are in need of transportation for a larger as you might want to travel in a group as couples together, you could Rent Party Bus San Francisco for your Valentine date.

Wine Tours to Napa for Valentine’s Day

Certainly, if your date has not ever traveled to Napa or they did before and always talk about the wonderful experience, this could be the best place to take your date. There are wineries such Domain Chandon, Sterling only winery to offer Gondola rides, Robert Mondavi are some of the wineries that we recommend, however, you can visit this link to get more info about wineries, restaurants, and other activities to do in Napa Sonoma.

Packages and Fleet offered

We can offer many different limos for Valentines Day, Rolls Royce (one of the most romantic and posh limos in the world), Range Rover Stretch, Hummer Limo, Mercedes limo and sedan, Bentley Flying Spur Sedan and others… Depending on how many hours and to where you rent the limo to we can include complimentary without extra charges services like chocolates, valentines day cars, wine, roses, and other custom decorations.

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Halloween Party Bus San Francisco

Enjoy Halloween night with a group of friends hassle and worry-free with our A1 limo services, the premier limo and party bus company in San Francisco and the Bay Area. Ideal for transporting groups both in comfort and in style, our limo services are reliable and affordable for our guests. Tour cities near San Francisco and enjoy beautiful sunset views, and spend the night out at multiple destinations and venues while our friendly chauffeurs take on the responsibility of parking, navigating, and ensuring the group’s safety for the entire trip.

Our Collaboration with, Travel Mate App — Coming Soon

A1 Limos is also working with the latest Travel Companion App, JournAlong, to give the subscribers on a chance to win a free party bus rental.

Travel Companion App

Whether you and your group are heading out to bars, restaurants, night clubs, or parties, our limo services can ensure that you will have an unforgettable evening and maximized time spent at venues. Our friendly drivers are familiar with San Francisco neighborhoods and your safety is our number one priority. Your group will have the privilege of avoiding the risk of reckless drivers and missing out on the excitement and fun, by letting our experienced chauffeurs be the designated driver for the evening. In addition, you and your guests can relax and lounge comfortably in our party buses and limos, with plenty of plush space and legroom ideal for long rides.

Spend the night attending Halloween events in a safe and reliable setting by employing our limo and party bus services for the once-a-year unforgettable and eventful night. Our vehicles are spotless, flawlessly maintained, comfortable, and the most reliable forms of transportation on a festive evening. Our trustworthy drivers have decades of experience and will ensure that your group gets transported safely to and back from any number of destinations. Your guests will not only be able to enjoy the night without having to worry about parking, reckless and drunk drivers, car theft, or navigating in a different neighborhood, but will also be able to save precious time that can be spent on the night’s activities at an affordable cost.

Our Limo and party bus services is the ideal choice for Halloween festivities due to being a time efficient and cost effective means of travel, and ensuring that each guest has a comfortable experience and a memorable evening with friends. Allow us to take care of your group’s transportation and safety, while enjoying Halloween events and celebrations in a safe and exciting way throughout the evening. Call us to receive more information on our limo services and rates, and let us take on the responsibility to ensure that you spend Halloween night in comfort, elegance, and safety.