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Prom Party Buses Sf Greater Bay Area

We would like to guide our customers in renting the party buses for San Francisco proms and other Bay Area cities like Napa, Oakland, Berkeley, San Jose, and others…

Every year, starting in the month of April or May, hundreds of limo companies render their services to prom kids to their respective destinations. However, the type of experience the kids receive is not always the same. We at would like to give some tips to our customers.

Many companies will hide the front of their party bus or even the exterior because they do not want the people to see the bus: due to the bus being old, very old, or their bus could be in very poor shape. If your bus looks like the image shown below, stay away from such a company. Or, avoid companies that don’t clearly show the exterior of their buses. To view quality party buses, we would like to direct you to reputed party bus builder Tiffany. We would like you to visit them, to understand that the quality party buses look strikingly different than the clunker you see below. We don’t think that you would like to have your kids or yourself ride in the abandoned bus look of the 70s, as shown below.

Another very important aspect is to ask the company if their drivers are S.P.A.B. certified to drive the school kids and if they are in a drug-testing program. Many gypsy people (so-called companies) can even operate without any license to save the cost, however, they are very dangerous for the safety of the customers.

Even if you do not book without company, our staff would like to guide you through this blog to choose the right company for your kids’ transport this year. offers buses from 20 to 55 passengers. We will disclose the exterior as well as the interior pictures of our vehicles.

Our company also offers quality party bus service for SF and various other destinations in the Bay Area for other special occasions like weddings, Napa-Sonoma wine tours, and any service that you might want to use our buses for. For more info visit our prom limo service page.

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